Movie Numbers

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There's usually a number in the lower right corner of photos of movie scenes.

Here's a list of the movie title and corresponding number.

If the photo is from a re-release of the movie, there's an 'R' followed by a number.

Movie Title
921 The Arizona Kid
922 Saga of Death Valley
923 Days of Jesse James
924 Young Buffalo Bill
925 In Old Cheyenne
926 Carson City Kid
927 Ranger and the Lady
928 Colorado
966 Wagons Westward
1021 Border Legion aka West of the Badlands
1022 Young Bill Hickok
1023 Robin Hood of the Pecos
1024 Bad Man of Deadwood
1026 Nevada City
1121 Jesse James at Bay
1123 Sunset on the Desert
1124 South of Santa Fe
1125 Sunset on the Desert
1126 Romance on the Range
1127 Sons of the Pioneers
1128 Sunset Serenade
1129 Heart of the Golden West
1221 Ridin' Down the Canyon
1274 The Big Bonanza
1301 Calling Wild Bill Elliott
1302 The Man from Thunder River
1305 Wagon Tracks West
1306 Bordertown Gunfighters
1307 Death Valley Manhunt
1324 Bells of Rosarita
1326 Lights of Old Sante Fe
1327 Don't Fence Me In
1328 Man from Oklahoma
1329 Utah
1421 Sunset in El Dorado
1422 Song of Arizona
1425 Along the Navajo Trail
1427 My Pal Trigger
1428 RAinbow Over Texas
1429 Under Nevada Skies
1669 In Old Caliente or is it 1469
1520 Home in Oklahoma
1523 Ron On Texas Moon
1524 Heldorado
1575 Wyoming
1597 Call of the Prairie
1639 The Plainsman
1646 Hopalong Cassidy Returns
1682 Gabby at piano with bad guy holding gun on him
1655 Trail Dust
1672 Hills of Old Wyoming
1701 Texas Trail
1702 Texas Trail
1756 Sunset Trail
1929 Hoppy & Russell number??
6049 El Paso
7038 Albuquerque
TT-11-8 Tumbling Tumbleweeds
CT188 The Cariboo Trail
TT-6 Tombstone Terror??
TS61 Trail Street
TS61 Tall in the Saddle
TI-134 Tall in the Saddle
M.S. 7-22 Galloping Romeo
M.S.5-2 Breed of the Border
S12-41 Man from Hell's Edges
ST.14-22 Texas Buddies
SS 29 Sundown Saunders
ST8-19 Nevada Buckeroo
BMT Bad Men's Territory
  Re-released movies
R8-14 In Old Cliente
R9-56 Wallstreet Cowboy
R52/67 Heldorado
R52/268 Calling Wild Bill Elliott
R52/269 Wagon tracks West
R52 The Man from Thunder River
R52/270 Bordertown Gunfighters
R53-136 The Big Bonanza
R54/126 Bells of Rosarita
R54/127 Man from Oklahoma
R54-160 Sunset in El Dorado
R54/175 Song of Arizona
R54/176 Rainbow Over Texas
R55/297 Jesse James at Bay
R55/416 Sons of the Pioneers
46/693 Albuquerque
48/1196 The Untamed Breed
48/1469 In Old Caliente
49/64 El Paso
727 The Untamed Breed?