Along the Navajo Trail


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Year: December, 1945
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Estelita Rodriguez
  Bob Nolan & Sons of the Pioneers with Pat Brady
  Roy Barcroft
Highlights: Gabby's in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby has lots of screen time.
  Lots of 'Gabby-isms'.
  2nd Unit Director is Yakima Canutt so there's lots of action
  Gabby twirls his gun in one scene.
Overall rating: Excellent.
Locations Corriganville, Agoura Ranch & Morrison Ranch
Lake: 'Robin Hood Lake' in Corriganville
Chase scenes: Corriganville?
Dale's runaway  
wagon: 'Robin Hood Lake' at Corriganville
Town: Republic backlot??
Ranch: ?
Rock that Roy  
hides behind when  
Barcroft chases  
him: Corriganville near 'Robin Hood Lake'
  Dale is a ranch owner with Gabby (Whitaker) as her foreman.
  Bob Nolan and The Sons of the Pioneers work at Dale's ranch.
  Roy plays a Deputy U.S. Marshal that's masquarading as a jingle writing cowboy.
  Roy's real purpose is to investigate the murder of an investigator for the Cattlemen's Association.
  Estelita plays a Gypsy.
  Roy Barcroft plays a bad guy working for Bentley, a representative of Sante Fe Drilling Company, an oil drilling
  company that needs Dale's ranch for running a pipeline.
  Roy goes to work for Dale.
  One of the Gypsies gets shot when he notices some surveyors on Dale's ranch.
  The Gypsies, using their own communication method, determine that the surveyor's horse has a brand
  that belongs to Sante Fe Drilling Company
  Roy Barcroft tries to shoot Roy while Roy is on the trail to Sante Fe.
  Roy hides behind a rock and subdues Roy Barcroft.
  Roy sends a telegram to Sante Fe Drilling Company saying that the deal for the ranch has been
  completed and someone from the company headquarters needs to come.
  Roy subdues the company's representative and the man from headquarters but is in-turn subdued by
  Roy Barcroft, who has escaped.
  Roy escapes.
  Roy, Gabby and the ranch hands head to Bentley's ranch when it's found out that Dale's father has gone
  there to confront Bentley.
  Dale brings the Gypsies to Bentley's, as well.
  Bentley escapes, with Roy in pursuit, but dies when his wagon crashes.


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

    (Gabby remarks to his team of horses.)
  Gabby: "Whoa...ya dad-blamed jughead...whoa."


  Gabby: "Yer durn tootin', I did."


  Gabby: "Durn persnickety women."


  Gabby: "Stay away from her."
    "Them Gypsy gals is plumb poison."


  Gabby: "Smartest dog in 17 counties."
    "Understands ye just like a human being."


  Gabby: "I'd shoot him right twixt the eyes, from behind."


  Gabby: "Yes sir."
    "Stole my thunder."


    ((Gabby commenting on his dog)
  Gabby: "There's the best, dad-blamed, flea-box I ever did see."


  Gypsy: "Then, Gabby, he come along."
  Gabby: "Yeah, and it's a durn lucky thing I did too."
    "Then I got Annie in action, then Janie, she come in."
    "And, I hit one of them coyotes, too."
    "At a hundred and eight-seven yards."
    "It was Jane that done that."
    "Then I knocked one fella right off his horse."
    "And the rest of em helped him get away."


    (Gabby's non-PC remarks about a Gypsy.)
  Gabby: "Heh. Heh. Look what I got."
    "Ha. Ha. I sure out-gypped that gypin' Gypsy."


  Gabby: "She's over at the bunkhouse and she's  madder than a Missouri mule."


  Gabby: "Well, I'll be hanged."


  Gabby: "That lowdown, thievin', ornery coyote."
    "I knowed that weren't a pinto all the time."
    "That Gypsy put the evil eye on me."
    "I murder him...that what I'll do."
    "I'll murder him in cold blood."


  Gabby: "Well. I figured it was suthin' like that."










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