The Arizona Kid

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September, 1939
Roy Rogers (atop uncredited Trigger) as himself
Gabby as Gabby Whitaker,
  Roy as Roy Rogers
  Stuart Hamblen as Captain Val McBride
  Jack Ingram as Jones, a townsman (bit part)
  Dorothy Sebastian as Bess, McBride's girlfriend
  David Kerwin as Roy's friend, Dave
  Sally March as Laura Radford, Dave's girlfriend , and Roy's childhood friend
  Fred Burns as a member of Captain Rogers' Confederate outfit that's hunting McBride (bit part)
Iverson Movie Ranch
Gabby's in his characteristic garb except doesn't have a patch on his knee or a vest
Has a single-strap holster
Blooper About 5 minutes into the movie, as Dave and Roy head to the saloon, Dave says
  "Let's have a talk and drink this thing over."
Overall rating:
Run-of-the-mill, not enough comedy.
Just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, Roy and Gabby return from Arizona to Missouri (having been
  away for several years) with some horses to sell.
There Roy meets his old friend, Dave.
Roy tries to persuade Dave not to join the outlaw McBride's organization.
McBride, hearing the conversion, draws his gun on Roy but has it shot out of his hand by another of
Roy's friends, Gabby (Whittaker).
McBride and his gang exit town followed first by a small patrol of Union soldiers and, later, by
Roy and Gabby who are too late to prevent the massacre of the five Union soldiers.
When the Civil War starts, Dave joins (Captain) McBride's outfit which is attached to the
Confederate Army, while Roy & Gabby join the regular Confederate Army.
After the Confederate Army learns of the pillage being done by McBride and his men, McBride's
outfit is ostracized.
McBride continues to 'fight under its own flag', looting and killing civilians.
Roy & Gabby 'liberate' the gold from the bank to prevent the invading Union Army from getting it.
McBride learns of this and attacks Roy's unit, wounding both (Captain) Roy Rogers & Gabby.
Dave secretly goes back to assist Roy in getting medical attention.
Roy receives permission to bring in McBride (on detached duty) and does manage to find and
  wound him and Dave.
The wounded McBride, along with Dave, seek medical help from a doctor.
Roy realizes this, enters the doctor's residence and warns Dave that he needs to quit McBride's
outfit or be hunted down.
Gabby, Roy and Roy's outfit set a trap by hiding in the wagons of an ammunition train and
out-gunning McBride and his group when they attack the train trying to obtain much-needed
McBride is the only one to escape the trap.
Roy follows McBride to a saloon and kills him just as McBride is about to shoot Roy in the back.
No romantic interest for Roy in this one.


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    (In response to Roy's singing which bothers Gabby's horse.)
  Gabby: "Hey, Roy."
    "Stop that caterwauling!"
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  Gabby: "Doggone their lyin' souls."
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  Gabby: "Hey."
    "What does that RSVP mean?"
    "Is that some kind of a new, secret organization?"
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  Gabby: "Well, I'll be a knock-kneed bobcat."
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  Gabby: "Dern tootin', we will."
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  Gabby: "There's one thing about following a skunk."
    "It ain't hard to keep on his trail."
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  Gabby: "Aah, you ain't foolin' me none."
    "You come here to see that female Radford woman."
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  Gabby: "Doggone them ornery boots."
  Roy: "Got a big hole in it."
    "Why don't you get it fixed?"
  Gabby: "Heah."
    "I never thought anything about that."
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