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Gabby Sings
In Old Caliente "We're Not Coming Out Tonight" (~1.6MB)
Young Buffalo Bill "Rollin Down To Sante Fe" (~200KB)
Young Bill Hickok "Rollin' Up And Down The Prairie" (~1.2MB)
Sheriff Of Tombstone "Sky Ball Paint" (~130KB)
Sons Of The Pioneers Gabby sings (~140KB)
Sunset Serenade Part one of "Mavoureen O' Shea" (~300KB)
Sunset Seranade Part two of "Mavoureen O' Shea" (~300KB)
From NBC TV show Lead in to story about Uncle Deadeye Hayes
From NBC TV show Lead in to story about Uncle Quartet Hayes


Gabby's Comments About Women
Southward Ho! Women
Southward Ho! Persnickety
In Old Caliente Spoil the fun
In Old Caliente Argue
Ranger And The Lady Peculiar
Colorado Break her neck
Sunset On The Desert Persnickety II
Sons Of The Pioneers A law
Utah Sheep
Utah Thinking



Catchy Phrases
Arizona Kid "Yer dern tootin, I can."
Saga Of Death Valley "Why the young whippersnapper!"
Days Of Jesse James "...leetle-might..."
In Old Cheyenne "...jumpin' hoptoads..."
In Old Cheyenne " cracky..."



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