Bells of Rosarita

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Year: June, 1945
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Sons of the Pioneers
Guest stars: Wild Bill Elliott
  Allan "Rocky" Lane
  Don "Red" Barry
  Robert Livingston
  Sunset Carson
Highlights: Gabby is in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby displays his characteristic lumber.
  Gabby gets lots of screen time.
Overall rating: Excellent.


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "Don't 'Bub' me, Bub." 
    "You young whippersnapper."
    "You tell 'em it's Gabby Whitaker from Californy."


  Gabby: "Let me go instead of you, Bob."
    "I'm more fit, I tell ye."
  Bob: "Nah, no."
    "Roy wouldn't like it."
    "And besides, this is a job for a young man."
  Gabby: "Well, I'm younger than I look.":
    "I got all the fire of flaming youth."
  Bob: "Sorry Gabby, I'm gonna to have to refuse you."
  Gabby: "You can't refuse me."
    "Me, Gabby Whitaker, that stopped a herd of stampedin' cattle all by myself."
    "There was thousands of em', comin' right at me."
    "In front of em' was a wild bull."
    "What do you suppose I done?"
  Bob: "What did you do, Gabby?"
  Gabby: "I just stood there calm-like and throwed the bull."
  Bob: "You throwed the....."


  Gabby: "Ah, them phony movie-cowboys."
    "Even musclin' in on us here."


  Man: "Doggone, Gabby, you haven't changed a bit."
  Gabby: "Your darn tootin' I ain't."
    "And I'm just as full of fight as ever."


  Gabby: "You know I'm a rootin', tootin', shootin'
      cowhand and my trigger finger's just itchin' to get even with them varmints."


  Man: "Looks like he means business."
  Gabby: "He's up to suthin', all right."
  Kid: "You mean he's gonna take the place away from us, Gabby?"
  Gabby: "Ahh, what are you talkin' about?"
    "Scat now...go on, get outta here, the whole kit and caboodle of you."


  Gabby: "I'm shot. Aah, they got me."
    "Somebody get a doctor."
    "Look, I'm bleedin' to death."
  Man: "Looks to me like strawberry jam."
  Gabby: "Strawberry Jam!! Well, don't stand there like a bunch of idgits, get me a handful
    of crackers."
    "I'll get them critters if it's the last thing I ever do."
    "Me, Gabby Whitaker, known as the killer of the Klondike, the rootin'-est,
    tootin'-est, shootin'-est wildcat of the West.


  Gabby: "Yer durn tootin' we could."


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