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Year: September, 1940
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Pauline Moore
Highlights: Gabby's in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby gets lots of screen time.
Overall rating: Excellent.
Locations Vasquez Rocks & Red Rock Canyon


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Driver: "Come on...hurry up, Gabby."
    "Stage ain't got all day."
  Gabby: "I'm hurrin' as fast as I can, ain't I?"
    "Fine way to talk to a man who fought and died for his country."
  Lady: "Oh, you poor man."
    "Were you wounded in the war?"
  Gabby: "Was I wounded?"
    "Why I got so many bullets in me at the Battle of Gettysburg, it's a mackeral I'm
    still alive."


    (Why Gabby wasn't in the Army)
  Gabby: "Ahhh. They wouldn't take me back after I came out of the hospital."
    "Said I didn't have enough teeth."


    (Gabby remarks about leaving with Roy)
  Gabby: "What do ya' mean, get my things together?"
    "Any time I button my coat, my trunk's packed."


  Woman: "Wedding isn't worth risking your neck for."
  Gabby: "Tis to a woman."
    "I never see one yet wouldn't break her neck to get herself a man."


    (Gabby orders a drink)
  Gabby: "Tall glass, no ice" 
    "Just a leetle-might of fizz water." 
    "Keep the liquor out of it."
    "Fill it up with sassparilly."


  Gabby: "Doggone it, there's another good man gone and got hisself roped and hog tied in
    spite of all my warnings."
    "I knowed she was out to get him the first time she asked us up for supper."
  Man: "Better watch your step, Gabby, you're liable to be next."
  Woman: "What time is it, Gabby?"
  Gabby: "Oh, ain't foolin' me none."
    "Look for youself."
    "Hey, driver."
    "Wait for me."

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