Days of Jesse James

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Year: December, 1939
Starring: Gabby as Gabby Whittaker, placer gold miner who struck it rich in California and came back to Missouri
  Roy Rogers (aboard uncredited Trigger) as an investigator commissioned by 'The Bankers Association'
  Pauline Moore as Mary Whittaker, Gabby's granddaughter
  Don 'Red' Barry as Jesse James
Co-starring: Harry Woods as Captain Worthington, head of the railroad police
  Arthur Loft as Samuel Wyatt, crooked owner of a bank
  Wade Boteler as Dr. Samuels
  Glenn Strange as a member of the James gang , Cole Younger
  Fred Burns as the sheriff
  Jack Ingram as a member of the railroad police reporting to Captain Worthington
  Monte Blue as
  Bud Osborne as another member of the railroad police reporting to Captain Worthington
Locations: Iverson Movie Ranch
Highlights: Gabby wears his characteristic garb.
Overall rating: Run-of-the-mill
Plot: Having sold his valuable California placer gold mine (which he'd worked for 15 years ) for $40,000,
  Gabby Whittaker and his granddaughter, Mary Whittaker (Pauline Moore), are traveling back home to
  Munice, Missouri via train to invest Gabby's money in farming land when the train is robbed by
  Jesse James (Don Barry) and Frank James (Harry Worth).
  Gabby's dog, Whiskers, pulls down Jesse's mask so Mary can see Jesse's face which, until now, hadn't
  been seen by any of Jesse's crime victims.
  Jesse, hearing Gabby's tale of working for 15 years, doesn't rob him of his money.
  Fellow passenger and bank owner, Sam Wyatt (Arthur Loft), convinces Mary & Gabby to place the
  money in his bank and rent a ranch.
  Jesse and Frank (in Robin Hood fashion) give some of the stolen money to farmers that were cheated
  out of their land by the railroad.
  Banker Sam Wyatt is recognized by a porter(who is killed for his efforts) as he and his brother are
  pulling a night robbery on their own bank whilst pretending he's Jesse James.
  The head of the railroad police, Captain Worthington (Harry Woods) is attrached to Missouri by the
  $50,000 reward for the capture of James brothers.
  Peace officer, Roy Rogers, is commissioned by 'The Banker's Association' and given orders to capture
  the James boys, as well, due to the mistaken assumption that they robbed Wyatt's bank.
  Roy discovers that Mary had seen Jesse's face during the robbery.
  Roy hatches a plan to quiz Jesse's stepfather, physician Dr. R. S. Samuels (Wade Boteler), by having
  Mary ask for the doctor's assistance with Gabby at Mary & Gabby's campsite
  Captain Worthington and his crew take the opportunity of the doctor's absense to throw a stun-bomb
  into Jesse's folk's house.
  The stun-bomb misfires, resulting in severe burns to Jesse & Frank's mother and
  half-brother, Buster Samuels.
  Having discovered Jesse's present post office address (in Nebraska), Roy and Gabby go there in hopes
  of finding the James gang.
  At the same time, having read of the harm done to his family, Jesse and Frank head back to Missouri
  under the mistaken assumption that Roy caused the fire.
  Roy and Gabby gain the confidence of the James gang and join it, prior to Jesse and Frank's return.
  The James gang, with Roy and Gabby, join with Jesse and Frank in Munice for a bank robbery.
  Roy saves the wounded Jesse when the robbery attempt is thwarted by Captain Worthington and
  his men.
  Roy realizes that the James Gang wasn't involved with the robbery of the Wyatt Bros. Bank and murder
  of the unarmed porter when Roy gets the drop on Jesse and discovers the little amount of robbery
  money Jesse has in his possession.
  The sheriff and Mary tell the Wyatt brothers that Jesse is after them as Jesse thinks that the Wyatt
  brothers sicced Worthington on him.
  Pretending to be Jesse and Frank, Roy and Gabby rob the escaping Wyatt brothers of the money they'd
  stolen from their own bank
  Roy sends Worthington a telegram indicating which trail to watch to capture Roy and Gabby as
  Worthington thinks they're now part of the James gang.
  Roy and Gabby, allowing themselves to be spotted by Worthington and his men, lead them to
  Mary and Gabby's rented ranch house where the patrons of the Wyatt Brothers Bank (pass books
  in hand) have gathered to receive their stolen money.
  Worthington arrives and realizes that the Wyatt brothers are the real robbers of their bank.
  The sheriff shows Worthington a telegram which indicates that the Wyatt Brothers were apprehended
  in Kansas City as they stepped off the train.


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    (Gabby remarks about his gold mine)
  Gabby: "There's the first nugget took out of her."
    "She weighs just a lettle-might shy of nineteen dollars and 6 bits."
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  Gabby: "Let me tell you somethin', mister."
  "I don't spend no 15 years finding a gold mine and then trustin' some stranger with
  what I get for it."
  "And I don't want no argufying about it, nuther ."
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  Gabby: "I let them argufy me into puttin' my money in the bank."
  "Let me tell you somehin', young feller, never have nothin' to do with no banks."
  "You got any money to protect, get youself a good dog, like Whiskers here."
    "Be a whole lot safer with it."
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  Gabby: "Now don't start worrying about me and Roy."
    "I got everything all figured out."
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Gabby as Gabby Whittaker (in his suit)




Gabby in his everyday garb




Harry Woods(Captain Worthington), Fred Burns(sheriff), Jack Ingram(member of railroad police), Roy




Pauline Moore (Mary Whittaker)




Don 'Red' Barry (Jesse James)




Glenn Strange ( Cole Younger)




Harry Woods (Captain Worthington) and Bud Osborne (member of railroad police)






Ranch that Mary and Gabby rented




Outlaw's hideout




Outlaw's hideout (from above)




Town #1




Town #2




Town #3




Town #4




Arch rock in Inverson Movie Ranch




Iverson Movie Ranch?




Iverson Movie Ranch?




Iverson Movie Ranch?




Iverson Movie Ranch?




Iverson Movie Ranch?




Stage coach road at the base of Nyoka Cliff in Iverson Movie Ranch?




















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