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Year: December, 1946
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers with Pat Brady.
  Clayton Moore in bit role as a reporter.
Highlights: Gabby's last picture with Roy.
  Pat Brady is humorous, but only during musical interludes.
  Gabby's in his characteristic garb.
Overall rating: Above average.
Location: Las Vegas
Parade Las Vegas
Treasure Hunt 'Garden of the Gods' in Iverson Movie Ranch??
Train station ???
Plot: The show takes place during the yearly, 5-day Helldorado celebration in Las Vegas which has
  events which relive the Old West days.
  Gabby is the head of the Helldorado Days celebration committee.
  The sheriff asks vacationing Ranger Roy Rogers to help investigate the laundering of $1,000 bills by
  racketeers at gambling tables.
  Dale Evans is a wealthy heirous that Gabby & the sheriff make an honorary deputy sheriff.
  Dale takes the position too seriously and starts to do her own investigations when one of the racketeers
  gets murdered.
  Did the name of the movie, 'Heldorado', need to be changed from the event's name, 'Helldorado', to
  make it more PC?

Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.



  Gabby: “Nice girl, that Carol.”
    “But a leetle-might unpredicatable.”






  Gabby: “Of all the jiggle-brained gadabouts I've ever seen.”
    “Where in tarnation ya' been?”
  Roy: “What's the matter, Gabby?”
  Gabby: “What's the matter?”
    “I got the tremblin'-fidgets tryin' to catch up  with her, that's what's the matter?”






  Gabby: “Well, you listen to me now.”
    “If you change your mind again I'm gonna take you across my knee and
     paddle you.”
    “I am, so help me.”

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