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Year: November, 1946
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers with Pat Brady
Highlights: All the Gabbyisms are in the first half of the movie.
  Gabby's not in his characteristic costume.
  Good performance by the female cook on Jan's ranch.
Locations: Flying L Ranch near Davis OK
Overall rating: Run-of-the-mill.
  Gabby plays it straight during second half of movie.

Gabby's the foreman on a large Oklahoma ranch of recently deceased rancher, Sam.

  Sam supposedly died from a fall from his horse, Major, on the way back home from the
  Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club event that he always attended.
  Roy Rogers is the editor of the local newspaper, 'Hereford Heaven Star'.
  Dale Evans is a reporter from St. Louis who came to write an article on the ranch and their famous
  At the reading of the will, Roy inherits a book of hymns.
  The only living relative, a niece (Jan) that owns a nearby ranch, doesn't inherit the ranch.
  Instead, the ranch is inherited by the ward of the deceased, a 12 year old boy named Duke.
  The book of hymns contains a note from the deceased man which requests that Roy look into his death,
  if it were to occur.
  The audience realizes that a murder has occurred when the niece and her foreman discuss murdering the
  Roy and Dale have an argument over Dale's premature publishing of an article indicating that a murder
  might have occurred.
  Roy and Dale team up after Roy puts up bail for Dale after she's arrested for withholding information
  concerning her article.
  Dale discovers Sam's watch after they follow Major after letting him 'have his head' at the latest
  Tuesday Breakfast Club Meeting
  Dale tries to hide this from Roy but Roy sees her trying to conceal the watch.
  The time on the watch indicates that the death occurred at 9:17AM.
  However, Jan's cook indicated that on the day of Sam's death, Major came in at the same time that the
  morning train came in which was 8:45AM.
  This indicated that Sam was murdered.
  Roy and the coroner duke it out when Roy and Dale visit him for details concerning Sam's death.
  The coroner disappears before the sheriff can arrest him.
  A side story has Duke hidding his sick Hereford so it won't be put out of its misery.
  Duke witnesses Jan shooting the coroner.
  Roy and Gabby find Duke after quizzing Jan's cook who had brought Duke some victuals.
  Jan and her foreman, Steve, are just about ready to do in Duke when Roy and Gabby arrive on the
  The crooks vamoose before they can harm Duke.
  Roy and Gabby gather their men and head to Jan's ranch.
  Jan musters her men and has them form a line to protect the entrance to her ranch.
  However, Roy and Gabby break through the line of bad guys.
  Steve plugs Jan and drives off just as Roy and Gabby arrive.
  Jan confesses to killing Sam just before passing out.
  Roy, taking the cross-country shortcut, catches up and boards the train that Steve's on.
  A fistfight ensues with Roy the winner.


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.





    (Gabby's remarks after getting abruptly awoken)
  Gabby: “Dad-blame, the dad-blame ornery, dad...”






    (Gabby's remarks after getting abruptly awoken)
  Gabby: “Who me?”
    “I warn't asleep.”
    “No, siree.”
    “Just restin' my eyes, that's all.”




    (Gabby's remarks after getting abruptly awoken)
  Gabby: “Ha..hah!”
    “Who fired that shot?”


    (Gabby's remarks after getting abruptly awoken)
  Gabby: “Of course, I was awake.”
    “Just restin' my eyes, that's all.”
    “Restin' my eyes and thinkin'.”
    “I was thinkin' of all the bears and buffaloes I killed.”
    “Thousands of 'em with my bare hands.”
    “Right on this very ranch.”






  Gabby: “Come on.”
    “I'll show you how we done it when I was fightin' injuns.”

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