In Old Caliente

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Year: June, 1939
Starring: Roy Rogers [atop uncredited Trigger], as himself, is the top rider on Don Miguel Vargas' rancho
  Mary Hart (aka Lynne Roberts) as Jean is on a wagon train crossing Don Miguel Vargas' rancho
  Gabby (as Gabby) is a wagon train guide and is Jean's uncle
Co-starring: Harry Woods as Curly, the leader of the outlaws.
  Jack LaRue as Sujarto, the Don's bad-guy foreman
Highlights: Gabby and Roy sing "We're Not Coming Out Tonight" in the wine cellar.
  Gabby does his infamous kick-em-in-the-shin followed by a double-handed upper cut on one of the
  Don's ranch hands when Sujarto attempts to search the nester's camp. Repeats this near the movie's end.
  Gabby twirls his gun after the shootout at the end of the movie
Overall rating: Above average
Plot: During the time that people were moving to the new state of California, the people on a nester's wagon
  train (Jean is a member of the train) lead by Gabby are traveling on Don Miguel Vargas' rancho.
  The members of the wagon train are accused by Sujarto (the Don's bad-guy rancho foreman) of the
  robbery of the Don's son, Carlos
  Roy intercedes on behalf of the nesters and is banished by the gringo-hating Don.
  The real culprit is Sujarto and his band of outlaws led by Curly (Harry Woods).
  Roy and Gabby observe Sujarto entering a cave on the coast.
  They initially subdue the gang inside but are, in-turn, captured by the bandits.
  Sujarto convinces the Don that Roy and Gabby were in on the robbery.
  Roy and Gabby are confined to the Don's wine cellar to await trial.
  Sujarto murders the Don when the Don goes to the wine cellar to question Roy and Gabby.
  Roy and Gabby escape with the help of the Don's daughter.
  Roy conceives of a trap.
  Carlos sells some cattle and receives payment in the form of a large ball of gold.
  When the outlaws attack Carlos, the wagon hauling the gold ball is abandoned, which leaves the
  outlaws confused as to how to transport the gold ball.
  This allows Roy and others to defeat the bewildered outlaws in the shootout scene.
  Sujarto momentarily escapes but is caught and inadvertently killed by Roy in the chase scene.
  Roy, having fallen in love with Jean, joins the nesters wagon train.


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    Gabby sings "We're Not Coming Out Tonight" with Roy.
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Photo of Gabby and Roy singing "We're Not Coming Out Tonight".

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  Roy: "Gabby, you old horsethief."
  Gabby: "Why ya' young, locoed maverick."
    "You've sprouted like a toadstool."
  Roy: "You're just as ornery as ever, you old mothhead."
  Gabby: "Go on, you young broomtail."
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  Gabby: “Aah, it always takes a female to spoil the fun.”
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    (Gabby lambasting his dog.)
  Gabby: “Nooo,  not that way you rattle-brained idgit.”
    “Can’t you even faler a man’s trail?”
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  Gabby: “Why you walleyed weasel.”
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    (Gabby lambasting his dog.)
  Gabby: “Shut-up, will ye."
    "You ain't got no more sense than I have.”
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  Gabby: “Aah, how you gonna argue with a female when she's made-up her mind?”
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  Gabby: “Son, you don’t know nothin’ about women.”
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Mary Hart, as Ellen, with 'General'




Mary Hart as Ellen







Gabby and Roy




Fred Burns, as member of nesters wagon train, with Ellen & Gabby




Don Miguel Vargas, Sujarto & Roy




Harry Woods, as bad-buy Curly, with fellow unnamed henchman, George Montgomery










Ranch clip #1




Ranch clip #2




Flat-top rock











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Photo II


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