In Old Cheyenne


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Year: March, 1941
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Joan Woodbury
  Sally Payne
Highlights: Gabby's in characteristic garb.
  Gabby shows his square dancing prowess.
  Gabby does some gun twirling.
Overall rating: Excellent


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "Jumpin' hop-toads, where'd you come from?"
  Roy: "We were on the Cheyenne train."
  Gabby: "What'd you do, fall off?"


  Gabby: "You don't say so."
  Woman: "I do say so."
  Gabby: "What did she said?"


  Roy: "What'd you let them get away for?"
  Gabby: "Aah, don't blame me."
    "This clumsy ox stumbled agin me at the exact, precise moment when we should
    have been shootin' straight and fast."


    (Gabby shows his chivalry.)
  Gabby: "Hey, we got woman in here."
    "Give us a fair chance to get out and we'll match ye...bullet for bullet."


    (Gabby remarks after taking a bullet in the whiskers)
  Gabby: "Aah, wackin' my whiskers, heah?"

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