Jesse James at Bay

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Year: October, 1941
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Gale Storm
  Sally Payne
Highlights: Gabby plays a sheriff so he's not in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby has lots of screen time.
Overall rating: Excellent


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Roy: "Showed them fellers a thing or two, by cracky."


  Sally: "Oh, you mean you're a bachelor?"
  Gabby: "Well...matter of fact I am."
    "Strickly by choice, you understand."


  Gabby: "Say...them ain't bad lookin' victuals for a couple of city gals to cook up."


    (Gabby remarks after being brought to by having water thrown in his face)
  Gabby: "Hey. Hey. Hey."
    "Where am I...where am I?"
    "When the cloudburst start...heh?"
    "Where's that false friend?"
    "Where's that Judas?"
    "Why the dirty, lowdown...."
  Sally: "Oh, now sheriff."
  Gale: "Now sheriff."
  Gabby: "It wasn't enough for Jesse to burn my house down and leave me to sizzle."
    "But he had to steal my brand new, pearl handle gun, to boot."
    "And there ain't but one other like it in the country, mind you."
    "And he's got that one, too."
    "Doggone his ornery hide."


  Gabby: "I was figuring on barging right in."
    "But now, I reckon, the situation calls for a little detectiving."


  Sally: "What are the charges, sheriff?"
  Gabby: "Mayhem, assault with intent to kill, conspiracy with intent to defraud and
    collusion, by cracky."

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