Lights of Old Santa Fe

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Year: November, 1944
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Sons of the Pioneers
Highlights: First movie of second group of  movies with Roy.
Overall rating: Better than average.
  Gabby sings a couple times.
  Gabby isn't in his ragged attire.


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

    (Woman describing Dale's character.)
  Woman: "Smart as a trick pony, too"
    "Why she just finished graduating as a full-fledged Bachelor of Arts."
  Roy: "Really."
  Gabby: "I wonder if that much book-learning's harmful?"


  Man: "Then watch the ballet."
    "You'll get your money's worth."
  Gabby: "I'd just as soon slid down a razorblade."
  Dale: "Gabby!"
  Gabby: "Come on fellas." 
    "We'll go camp under a hedge until this cultural clambake is over."


  Gabby: "Well, get to gettin."


  Gabby: "Jumpin' jackrabbits."
    "What kinda jigity you call that?"
  Dale: "That's a ballet of wood nymphs."
  Gabby: "They ain't wearing enough clothes to flag a handcar."


    (Gabby sings)
  Gabby: "One little bird and three rail pen."
    "The bird hops out and the crow hops in."
    "Chicken in the breadpan picking out dough."
    "The crow hops out and away you go."


    (Gabby sings some more.  650KB)
  Gabby: "There we'll stay."
    "Never more to roam."
    "Just a shack, but we'll call it home."
    "And we'll find our silver lining in the  lights of old Santa Fe."
  Woman: "Why Gabby, I had no idea you could  be so charming"
  Gabby: "You're fascinating yourself, for an old war horse."


  Gabby: "Yer dern tootin'."


    (Gabby checking over Trigger.)
  Gabby: "Oh."
    "Yes sir."
    "Yes siree, Bob."

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