Man from Cheyenne

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Year: January, 1942
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Gale Storm
  Sally Payne
Highlights: Gabby does some singing.
Overall rating: Run-of-the-mill.
  Gabby isn't in his characteristic garb.


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "I can still handle ya."
    "Don't get any ideas I can't."


  Gabby: "Sure is a mess of kissin' goin' on around here."


  Gabby: "Oh, I don't see any reason why I should trim my whiskers just to go to a party."
    "Won't make me dance any better."
  Roy: "Of course not."
    "And besides, you might take cold."
  Gabby: "Hey, I never thought of that."
    "That'd be plumb suicide."


  Roy: "Don't make a girl a criminal, just 'cause you don't like her eyelashes."

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