My Pal Trigger

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July, 1946
Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Bob Nolan and The Sons of the Pioneers with Shug Fisher
  LeRoy Mason
  Roy Barcroft
  Jack Holt
  Tom London has a bit role as a hotel clerk.
Iverson Movie Ranch
Big-budget, long-running.
For the most part, Gabby plays a serious role.
  Gabby shows anger/grief about his horse, 'Golden Sovereign', being shot.
  Yakima Canutt is 2nd Unit Director so there's lots of action
  Gabby's not in his characteristic garb.
Overall rating:
  Not enough comedy.
  This is the story of how 'Trigger' came to be.
Plot: Roy is a traveling peddler of horses and tack.
  Gabby (Gabby Kendrick) is the cantankerous owner of a ranch while Dale plays his daughter, Susan.
  Roy wants to breed his mare, 'Lady', to Gabby's famous stallion, 'Golden Sovereign' but Gabby refuses
  the offer.
  Jack Holt plays Brett Scoville, the owner of 'El Dorado Club, a gambling casino, who wants to beat
  Gabby in the annual horse race and obtain Gabby's ranch.
  LeRoy Mason (Carson) and Roy Barcroft (Hunter) are thugs employed by Jack.
  Mason and Barcroft steal Gabby's prize stallion while Gabby is gambling at the casino.
  They plan to breed Jack's mare with Gabby's stallion without Gabby's knowledge.
  The stallion escapes and runs-off with Roy's mare for some 'fooling around'.
  Gabby and his neighbors search for the stallion.
  Jack Holt spots the stallion in a fight with a wild horse.
  When Jack tries to shoot the wild horse, he accidently kills Gabby's stallion.
  Gabby and the searchers come upon the stallion's body just after Roy finds it.
  Roy is blamed for the killing and is arrested.
  Roy puts up his things for colateral to obtain enough money to post bond.
  Roy leaves the area, with only his mare,saddle and guns, to avoid going to jail.
  After the mare gives birth, Roy returns to Gabby's ranch and offers the colt to Gabby but Gabby doesn't
  want anything to do with it.
  Roy gives himself up to the sheriff.
  Roy's belongings, including Trigger, are placed on auction for payment of Roy's bail bond.
  A stranger (actually an employee of Scoville) wins the bidding.
  Roy gets out of jail when an unknown person (Dale) pays his fine.
  Roy agrees to work for Scoville as 'Trigger's' trainer and jockey.
  Scoville goads Gabby into making a bet on the annual race....Gabby's gambling IOUs against Gabby's
  Dale rides Gabby's prize horse, 'Empress'.
  Roy wants to back out of the race but Scoville tells Roy that 'Trigger's' his if he wins the race.
  Scoville accidently lets Roy know that he or one of his men shot 'Golden Sovereign'.
  During the race, Dale is put into a pocket by Scoville's men.
  This causes Dale to win the race, with Roy second.
  Scoville is arrested when Bob and the 'Sons' persuade them to confess.
  Gabby had a side-bet with Scoville which awarded Gabby Trigger if 'Golden Sovereigh' won the race.
  Gabby gives 'Trigger' to Roy.
  The movie ends with the birth of two colts.