Nevada City


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Year: June, 1941
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Sally Payne
  Yakima Canutt (bit part)
Highlights: Gabby's in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby has lots of screen time.
  Lots of Gabby-ism's.
  Gabby does some gun-twirling.
Overall rating: Excellent



Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

    (Gabby remarks about a train with a steam engine)
  Gabby: "Keep that blame teakettle quiet."
    "If you want a race, you'll get it."


    (Gabby remarks about a train with a steam engine)
  Gabby: "That?"
    "You don't want us to run that swayback, coffee-pot-on-wheels, do ya."


    (Gabby remarks about a bad guy.)
  Gabby: "He's a dad-burned reptile, that's what he is."


  Gabby: "Why in Sam Hill don't he say what he means in a telegram?"


  Gabby: "They're gonna hold her up there, sure-as-shootin'."


    (Gabby remarks about sneaking up on someone.)
  Gabby: "You mean afoot?"
    "You know human beings weren't made to walk."


  Gabby: "Jumpin' Jehoshaphat, them's Hank LaDell's hosses."


    (Gabby remarks about his revolver)
  Gabby: "Don't you worry. He won't get no payroll."
    "Not so long as I got 'Roarin' Lizzy' in my hand."


    (Gabby remarks about a key to the jail cell.)
  Gabby: "Aaah, that blame key's 'hoo-doo'ed'."
    "I'd just as soon try to rope a mosquito on a dark night."


  Gabby: "Well...if I was a bettin' man, I'd bet ya ten dollars ya wouldn't do it."
    "That is, if I had 10 dollars."


  Gabby: "Get goin', Son."
    "You beat that train afore and, by cracky, you can do it again."



  Gabby: "Oh, leave me alone."
    "I ain't had so much fuss made over me since the mule kicked my teeth out."


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