Rainbow Over Texas

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Year: May, 1946
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Bob Nolan and The Sons of the Pioneers with Shug Fisher
Town: Republic backlot?
Chase scene #1: Iverson's Movie Ranch?
Chase scene #2: Iverson's Movie Ranch?
Horse race: Alabama Hills in Lone Pine
  Vasquez Rocks (first relay station). Watch for Roy's 'Pony Express Mount'
  Watch for Roy's 'Trooper Mount' at the second relay station.
Highlights: Gabby's in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby walks with his characteristic gait.
  Gabby's hat.
Overall rating: Excellent.
Plot: Roy plays himself.
  Dale plays, Jackie Dalrymple, the daughter of a millionaire meat packer magnet.
  Dale's father, a former cowboy, owns a large ranch in Texas.
  Dale's plans to vacation there are thwarted by her father as he doesn't like Dale's interest in the West..
  Dale runs away, dressing up as a boy, and heads to the ranch.
  Roy and "The Sons" are on a train going to the same Texas town and discover the 'kid'.
  Gabby plays the sheriff in the local town.
  Dale steals "Trigger" but is caught by Roy.
  Dale drops the masquerade as a 'kid' and dresses up as a senorita.
  The casino owner is running crooked tables.
  A disgruntled patron, Jim Pollard, accuses the casino owner of trying to cheat him.
  The casino is 'robbed' by one of casino owner's henchmen.
  The 'robber', escaping with Roy in pursuit, leaves his horse at the disgruntled patron's ranch house in an
  attempt to place blame for the robbery on him.
  Roy, having 'winged' the real robber, realizes that the patron isn't guilty and helps hid him.
  Roy enters the local horse relay race.
  The horses that Roy was going to race are stolen.
  Dale suggests that Roy use her Dad's string of horses.
  Jim Pollard confesses to Roy that he was paid to 'fix' the roulette wheel at the casino.
  Jim is killed by the crooks.
  Roy wins the race even though several thugs pull some dirty tricks during the race.
  Roy punches out the real casino robber who confesses.
  Roy shoots the casino owner in self-defence, just as the owner shoots the confessing crook.


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "Let us through, here."
  Roy: "Hi ya, Gabby."
  Gabby: "Oh, ya hog-wrestling young whippersnapper.
    "You finally come home, heh."
  Roy: "Sure did. How you been?"
  Gabby: "How's that?"
  Roy: "I said, how have you been?"
  Gabby: "Shut it off. Shut it off, dad-blame you or I'll shut you up in the hoosegow."


  Gabby: "That done it. Now you get out of here.
    "I catch you in town again, I'll plaster you with the gol-dingdest fine I ever levied."


  Gabby: "Well, there's ways and means of finding out.
      I got a photographic eye and a memory like a bull elephant."


    (Dale gives Gabby a kiss on the check.)
  Dale: "Aah, I knew you would.
  Gabby: "Hey, wait a minute. You want to start a brush fire?"


  Gabby: "Now all you riders that ain't in the race, clear the street.
    "Especially, you female women."

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