Ranger and the Lady

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Year: July, 1940
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Jacqueline Wells
  Si Jenks as Hank Purdy
Highlights: Gabby has lots of screen time.
  Gabby is in his characteristic garb with a fringed jacket.
  Gabby does his kick-em'-in-the-shin followed by a double-handed uppercut.
  Gabby 'throws' his shots in the final shootout.
Overall rating: Excellent.
  Good chemistry with Si.



Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "I'm fixin' to resign, adjourn and quit."


  Gabby: "He's got it...'Petticoat Fever'."


  Gabby: "All females is naturally peculiar...including squaws."


    (Gabby remarks about his scalp collection)
  Gabby: "Well, I got plenty of Pawnees and Blackfeet...but I'm a leetle-might shy on


    (Gabby and Purdy comment about their shooting contest which consisted of
      shooting the feathers on an Indian's headress (while it was being worn).
  Purdy: "That fool Indian twitched on the third shot."
    "I seen him do it."
  Gabby: "Yeah...I catch 'em in mid-twitch, myself."


  Purdy: "I'll be toten that knife before this is over."
    "Watch out I don't scalp you with it"
  Gabby: "Yeah...I've been scalped by better men than you, Hank Purdy."


  Gabby: "That gal's poison, plumb poison."
    "Let her go...the further the better."


  Gabby: "But messin' with that she-male is like flying in the face of Providence."


  Gabby: "You expect to make Rangers out of that bunch of lop-eared broomtails."


  Gabby: "You look as if that Tabor girl had you hexed and discombobulated."


  Gabby: "I never woulda took you to be a skunk, Purdy."
  Purdy: "Tend to your own hide and fur, Gabby."
  Gabby: "I'm tending."
    "You aim to keep galavanting around with that Tabor female...things are gonna
    begin to commence to happen."
  Purdy: "A-twixt us?"
  Gabby: "A-twixt us."


  Gabby: "Oh, be still and heshup."
      "I've seen Cherokee Injuns complain less when they're being scalped."


  Purdy: "There she is."
     "I felt her sting me."
  Gabby: "Oh, keep your britches on."
    "You've been hit before."

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