Ridin Down The Canyon

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Year: December, 1942
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Bob Nolan
  Sons of the Pioneers with Pat Brady
Highlights: Gabby shows his prowess when he dances the Conga.
Running gag about Gabby and Pat thinking the other is hard-of-hearing.
Overall rating: Excellent. 
Lots of 'Gabbyisms'.
Lots of Gabby double-takes.
Gabby displays his lumbering gait.
Good chemistry with Pat Brady.



Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

    (Gabby talks about his Model T)
  Gabby: "I could stop quicker only this can-bronc is mighty contrary."
    "All right going up hill."
    "But going down, I just give her a pull and a prayer."
    "Heh. Hop in. Heh."


  Gabby: "Sonny, it's a good thing we met up."
    "You know folks call me 'The Professional Rustler Catcher'."
  Boy: "They do?" 
  Gabby: "Sure."
     "I'm the feller that made the sagebrush safe for steers."
  Boy: "But these are horse thieves."
  Gabby: "Oh, them coyotes."
    "Shucks, when hoss thieves hear I'm comin', they march right up with
      with a rope around their neck."
    "Even help me pick out the tree."


  Gabby: "Get outta my way."
  Pat: "Get out of who's way?"
  Gabby: "My way."
  Pat: "Oh, what are you talking about you old whiskered goat."
  Roy: "Civil war. We'd better do something about that."
  Pat: "Wait a minute."
  Gabby: "One more smart-alecky remark out of that cowboy comic and I'll part his toupee
    with that wrench."


  Pat: "Say, where did you learn to make coffee?"
  Gabby: "Never did learn...it's a gift...my own blend too."
  Pat: "You otta call it 'Boots & Saddles'."
  Gabby: "Oh, you needn't blame the coffee."
    "I bet all your vitals turn to vinegar when they see what's gonna gargle them."
    "Hah. That's a good'en."


  Pat: "Hope your driving's better than your coffee."
  Gabby: "You wanta drive?"
    (Gabby hands Pat the steering wheel.)
  Pat: "Heh! Heh! No! No! Put it back. Put it back."
  Gabby: "Ahh, it runs just as well that way."
    "It never pays any attention to the direction I want to it to go, anyhow."
    "I say, there ain't nuthin to worry about."
  Pat: "Put it back, you lunatic, put it back."


    (After Gabby crashes his car.)
  Pat: "Why you misplaced son of a half-witted hurricane you've killed me."
  Gabby: "Ahh, shucks. You ain't hurt none."
    "A little shaken-up's good for your liver."
    "Ahh, what are you gonna do about my car now that you've wrecked it?"
  Pat: "What am I gonna do about it?"
    "I'm going to sue you for everything you've got."
  Gabby: "Well, that's all I got. Sue me."


  Gabby: "Say, that's right-smart singing."
    "Makes me wish I'd cultivated my voice."
  Pat: "Wouldn't sound so hot coming through that filter."


  Gabby: "Why you lily-livered, knobby-kneed young squirt."
    "'Trouble's' my middle name."
    "'Course, if there's gonna be shootin', I don't mind dropping my middle name."


  Pat: "How'd you get up here?"
  Gabby: "I run."
    "Didn't you see me when I passed you and that crow-bait?"


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