Roll on Texas Moon

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Year: September, 1946
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Bob Nolan and Sons of the Pioneers with Pat Brady
  Tom London
Highlights: Gabby has his characteristic gait in his characteristic garb.
  'Roll on Texas Moon' musical is Gabby's dream.
Overall rating: Run-of-the-mill
Locations: River with bridge. Town. Gabby's ranch.
Plot: Cattleman, Gabby Whittaker, is wrongly accused of shooting and killing sheep raiser, Matthew Delaney.
  Roy, investigator for Whirligig Cattle Syndicate, is sent in to prevent a war between the two factions.
  Dale Evans is Delaney's niece and Kate is the ranch operator.
  Dale is sick of the conflict and wants to leave but agrees to stay for a month in hopes that things will settle
  down by then.
  However, on orders from the town lawyer (Cole) , Dale's foreman, Steve, kills Dale's prize lamb.
  The lawyer is wanting to keep things stirred up between the cattlemen and sheep raisers so he can
  purchase Dale's ranch when she leaves and cover-up the fact that he and Steve were stealing from
  from Matthew Delaney and killed him.
  Several fist fights ensue at a evening party that was to bring the two groups together.
  Roy has to punch-out one of the cattleman.
  The sheriff, Tom London, separates the two groups.
  Roy and Dale become friends when Roy saves Dale from drowning after a car accident.
  Dale hires Roy to work on her ranch.
  Some of gunmen hired by Dale's foreman and the cattleman Roy fought at the party try to kill Roy
  when he's out on night patrol.
  The gunmen kill the cattleman after Roy subdues him.

Roy, playing dead, hears the gunmen say that Steve would be glad they'd killed both of them.

  Dale decides to sell out to the lawyer but Roy talks her out of it.
  Roy examines the car that Dale was driving in the accident and discovers it had been tampered with.
  Dale informs the cattlemen posse going after Roy that Steve and Cole are the cause of the conflict.
  The gunman are overpowered by the cattlemen's posse and Roy subdues Cole.


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

    (Gabby remarks about strayed sheep.)
  Gabby: "Get otta' here. Go on. Scat. Vamoose."
    "Ya' dad blasted woolies. Get back on your own range, ya' fourrrr-legged devils."


  Gabby: "As fer as I'm concerned, a rattlesnake on his stomach is higher than a giraffe on
     a pair of  stilts compared to a sheepherder."


  Gabby: "Stay away from me ya walkin' lambchop."

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