Romance on the Range

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Year: May, 1942
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Linda Hayes
  Sally Payne
  Sons of the Pioneers
Highlights: Gabby's in his characteristic garb.
  Good shots of Gabby riding.
  Gabby does a little tap dancing.
Overall rating: Excellent


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "By cracky, you wait'll I get my hands on 'em."


  Gabby: "Get over there, ya sidewinder or I'll let daylight through your hide."


  Gabby: "Lookout there."
    "Don't try any tricks or I'll salivate you."


    (Gabby remarks about the fight he was in.)
  Roy: "What happened, Gabby?"
  Gabby: "Everything!"
     "I was keeping my eye on that jasper when 12 other coyotes snuck up and
    grabbed me."
     "I fought 'em."
     "Knocked one of 'em colder than a cucumber."
    "Then another."
    "Laid two more out flatter than a carpet."
    "Then I stopped."
    "Then I was overcome by a superior force."


  Gabby: "Who said I quit?
    "Women cooks.....aah."


  Gabby: "Well, there's all sorts of wild critters prowling around here at night".""
    "There's wolves and catamounts and such-like."
  Linda: "Are they dangerous?"
  Gabby: "Dangerous?"
    "Well, Miss, wolf ain't so bad but there ain't nothin' worse than a catamount
    when he's hungry and mean."
    "Why only last week one of 'em climbed in a windy of a cabin near here."
    "Yes, sir."
    "Sure messed-up a couple punchers."
  Linda: "Did he......did he?"
  Gabby: "Yup, he did."
    "We planted what was left of 'em the next day."


  Gabby: "Dag-nab-it, Roy, I told you women was nothing but born troublemakers."
    "If it wasn't for them two gals, we wouldn't have to clear out without avenging
     poor Rusty."


  Gabby: "Then, ding-bust-it, I'm going off by myself."
    "Don't want any part of it."
  Roy: "Well, Gabby, I guess we can get along without you."
  Gabby: "Oh, trying to get rid of me, huh?"
    "Well, you ain't."
    "I'm stickin' closer'n a mustard plaster."


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