Saga of Death Valley

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Year: November, 1939
Starring: Roy Rogers (aboard uncredited Trigger) as himself and Roy Reynolds
  Gabby as Gabby Whittaker, foreman of the 'Circle R' ranch
Co-starring: Don 'Red' Barry as Tim Rogers (Roy's brother)/Jerry
  Frank Thomas as Ed Tasker
  Jack Ingram as Brace
  Lane Chandler as Roy and Tim's dad (Rogers)
  Fred Burns as a rancher
  Doris Day (not 'The' Doris Day) as Ann Meredith
  Hal Taliaferro (Wally Wales) as one of Tasker's henchmen
   Town Republic Studios???
  Rogers ranch ??
  Meredith ranch ??
  Outdoor Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, CA.
Highlights: Good shot of Gabby riding at full-speed, alongside Roy in front of the Alabama Hills.
  Lots of good shots of the Alabama Hills.
  Gabby displays his waltzing abilities.
Overall rating: Run-of-the-mill
Plot: Tasker (Frank Thomas), owner of the 'Tasker Land & Cattle Company' and 'Tasker Water Company',
  and fellow bad-guy, Brace (Jack Ingram), shoot Roy and Tim's (Don 'Red' Barry) dad (Lane Chandler)
  because Rogers wouldn't falsify a land survey which gives Tasker control of the area's (Death Valley)
  water rights.
  Tasker also sells 'protection' from cattle raiders [Tasker's own men] and 'owns' the local sheriff.
  Tim is kidnapped by Tasker after the killing, renamed 'Jerry' and raised as one of Tasker's 'raiders'.
  Years later, Roy, now using the last name of Reynolds, returns to take over the old Rogers' ranch, the
  Circle R, which he's just purchased.
  Roy is met at the town of Sundown's train depot by the Circle R ranch foreman, Gabby Whittaker.
  Roy meets the daughter of the neighboring rancher, Ann Meredith, who doesn't recognize the grown-up
  Roy as her childhood friend.
  While Roy is giving a 'getting-acquainted' party for his neighbors, Jerry raids Roy's herd.
  Tasker and Brace visit the party wherein Roy consents to buying protection from them.
  Roy is forced to reveal his real last name, when a large number of fellow ranchers intend to leave their
  ranches, and forms the ranch owners into a vigilante group, 'The Riders of Death Valley'.
  Tasker and Jerry attack the Meredith ranch, killing Ann's father but are driven off by the vigilantes.
  Roy chases Jerry into the hills but, having a flashback and almost recognizing him as his brother, releases
  Roy eavesdrops on a meeting of Tasker and his group, which includes bad-guy
  Hal Taliaferro (aka Wally Wales), where Tasker orders his men to dynamite the Sundown dam which
  supplies the town with water.
  Roy is detected but escapes, leading Gabby and the vigilante group to the dam.
  Tasker and Jerry escape the shoot-out after Brace and Hal are killed.
  Roy interrupts Tasker and Jerry as they are preparing to abscond with their extorted loot.
  Tasker holds Jerry hostage after Roy announces that he's the son of the murdered Rogers.
  Jerry gets loose, pulls his gun and exchanges shots with Tasker.
  Tasker is instantly killed and Jerry, having been hit, dies in Roy's arms.



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  Roy: “Here, let me do that."
    "I'm younger than you are.”
  Gabby: “Is that so?"
    "By cracky, I'll bet you can't prove it.”
    Video clip


  Gabby: “They can call it waltzin', if they wanta.”
    “But if ya' ask me it's just plain huggin'  in public.”
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  Gabby: “Oh, all right. I ain't hugged a female for 30 years but I reckon I ain't forgot how."
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  Gabby: “Well.... if you'll excuse me, son, I'm going over and get me a great big drink
    of sassparilly.”
    “I want to take the skunk taste out of my mouth.”
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  Gabby: “We'll mow that Tasker down at the hocks.”
    Video clip



  Gabby: “Why, the young whippersnapper.”
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  Gabby: “Ooo...whoa. Doggone gun's gettin' hot.”
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Gabby as Gabby Whittaker and Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers/Roy Reynolds




Doris Day as Ann Meredith




Frank Thomas as Ed Tasker and Jack Ingram as Brace




Hal Taliaferro (seated) as one of Tasker's henchmen and Don 'Red' Barry as Tim Rogers/Jerry




Lane Chandler as Roy & Tim's dad




Fred Burns (on our left) as a rancher






Roy's ranch (Circle R) #1




Roy's ranch (Circle R) #2




Roy's ranch (Circle R) #3




Ann Meredith's ranch




Lone Pine #1




Lone Pine #2




The dam that Tasker's men are going to blow up

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