Sheriff of Tombstone

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Year: May, 1941
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Elyse Knox
  Sally Payne
Highlights: Gabby's not in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby has lots of screen time.
  Gabby portrays a lawyer.
  Gabby has his characteristic gait.
  Gabby sings with Roy.
  Good chemistry between Gabby and Sally.
Overall rating: Excellent


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "I rode the corners so durn fast, my vest pockets dipped sand."


  Sally: "What's Brett up to?"
  Gabby: "Oooh, what's he always up to?"
    "He's separating the chaff from the wheat."


    (Gabby sings a verse of "Sky Ball Paint" with Roy)


    (Gabby's non-PC remarks about a Mexican outlaw)
  Gabby: "Why, that two-faced jumpin' bean's took us in."


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