Song of Arizona

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Year March, 1946
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Bob Nolan and The Sons of the Pioneers with Shug Fisher
  Dick Curtis
  Edmund Cobb
Highlights: Gabby doesn't wear his characteristic garb.
  Gabby does a little dancing in a muscial number
Overall rating: Poor. Little humor.
Rail depot: ?
Town: ?
Ranch #1: ?
Ranch #2: Iverson Movie Ranch?
  Gabby (Whitaker) is the owner of Half-A-Chance Ranch in Lodestone, AZ which is for homeless
  Edmond Cobb is the sheriff.
  Roy, playing himself, visits the ranch with The Sons of the Pioneers.
  One of the boys, Chip, is the son of a bank robber, King, that's wanted by the law.
  Gabby is needing some money to pay off a loan or lose the ranch.
  Chip's dad secretly visits Chip and tells him he can't go with him and keep the packages he's been
  sending him.
  The sheriff and his posse catch-up with King and wound him.
  On his death bed, King gives Gabby the deed to a garage in Kansas City.
  Gabby is to use the proceeds from the sale of the garage as payment for Chips staying at the ranch.
  Chip isn't informed of his father's death.
  Roy goes to KC to sell the garage but discovers that the garage has burned down.
  Roy looks-up Chip's older half-sister, Dale (Clare), at a nightclub in KC.
  Two of King's gang (one is Dick Curtis) meet with Chip and tell him of his father's demise but tell him
  that Gabby killed him.
  The two gangsters want the money that King had been sending Chip in the packages.
  Chip is held by the gangsters.
  The sheriff, with posse, Roy and Gabby surround the bad guys but they escape after pushing Chip
  out the front door to distract the good guys.
  Dale comes to the Half-A-Chance Ranch to see Chip.
  The two bad guys come back to strong-arm Chip and Gabby gets wounded when he interceeds.

Chip takes some of the money and secretly gives it to the loan holder with a note from Gabby that

  Chip had forged.
  The load holder discovers that the money was from a bank robbery and confronts Gabby at the
  The outlaws show-up at the dance and steal the money
  Roy, Gabby and the boys go after the crooks.
  In the exciting chase scene, Roy tries to bulldog Dick Curtis, who's on horseback, and ends-up
  loosening Dick's cinch which causes the saddle to fall off.
  Roy punches-out Dick and retrieves the money.
  The bank officials are so happy to get their money back, they give Gabby enough money to pay off
  the loan and remodel his ranch.