Sons of the Pioneers

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July, 1942
Roy Rogers
Mary Wrixon
Sons of the Pioneers with Pat Brady
Gabby juggles some cups.
Good chemistry with Pat.
Gabby's not in his characteristic garb.
Gabby sings.
Overall rating:
Above average.


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "Women....there otta be a law agin em.".


    (Gabby remarks to Pat)
  Gabby: "Well, that just goes to show ya how dumb some people's kids can be."
    "FGI is the uppity branch of FBI."
    "Roy's a super G-Man."


  Gabby: "This shouldn't happen to a sheepherder."


  Gabby: "I wouldn't be a-tall surprised, Roy."
    "Not a-tall surprised."


  Gabby: "Yer durn tootin, he is."


  Gabby: "By cracky, we'll take the law into our own hands."


    (Gabby sings)


  Gabby &  
  Pat: "Heh. I didn't know you could yodel."
    "Huh? I said I didn't know you could yodel."
    "Well, I can't. Now ...."


  Roy: "If they knew what they had, they'd be millionaires."
  Gabby: "Holy Mackerel."


  Pat: "You learned to stop that yet?"
  Gabby: "Yer durn tootin, I have."


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