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Year: May, 1939
Starring: Gabby Hayes as Gabby Whittaker
  Roy Rogers (atop uncredited Trigger) as himself
  Mary Hart (Lynne Roberts) as Ellen Denby
Co-starring: Tom London as a Sergeant in the renegade Union Army
  Arthur Loft as Captain Jeffries in the renegade Union Army
  Wade Boteler as Colonel Denby
  Lane Chandler as rancher Jim Crawford
  Fred Burns as a doctor
  Jack Ingram a Sergeant in the Union Army
Location: Andy Jauregui Ranch is Twin Springs Ranch
Highlights: George Hayes' first movie with Roy
  Gabby is in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby gets lots of screen time.
  Gabby 'throws' his shots in the big gunfight at the end of the movie.
  Gabby has his characteristic gait.
Overall rating: Above average.
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Plot: Ex-Confederate Army soldier, Gabby Whittaker, becomes half-owner in a Texas ranch.
  The other half-owner is an ex-Union Army Colonel (Colonel Denbigh).
  Ellen is the daughter of the Colonel.
  Gabby asks Roy Rogers to run the ranch.
  Colonel Denbigh is appointed military governor of the district.
  Unbeknownst to the Colonel, the men under his command (including Captain Jeffries) are renegades that
  pillage the locals.
  Gabby and the Colonel have a this-town-isn't-big-enough-for-the-both-of-us showdown (both have
  blank cartridges in their guns) wherein the Colonel gets shot by Captain Jeffries.
  During his recovery, the Colonel orders all guns confiscated.
  Captain Jeffries has the Colonel killed and continues with the pillaging.
  Gabby and Roy organize the citizens, who then defeat the renegades in the shootout scene.
  Captain Jeffries momentarily escapes on horseback but is killed by Roy.
  Having fallen in love with Ellen, Roy convinces her to not go back East.




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  Gabby: "Yer dern tootin', I can."
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  Gabby: "Let me tell you sunthin', Son."
    "Women'll never get you nuthin' but trouble."
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  Gabby: "Ahh, them knot-headed Yanks ain't worth a cuss."
    "Why I can lick the whole dern caboodle of 'em myself."
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  Gabby: "Darn persnickety women." The last words spoken in the movie.
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  Gabby: "Put that gal down ya' young whippersnapper."
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  Gabby: "Get out of here you dad-burned idgit."
    "Who do you think you're scarin'."
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  Gabby: "If I had my gun with me, I'd mow ya down at the hocks."
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  Gabby: "Dern persnickety woman's got him."
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Gabby's characteristic gait.

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Gabby 'throws' his shots during the big shoot-out.

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Twin Springs ranch in the movie.

Filmed at Andy Jauregui ranch in Placerita Canyon in Santa Clarita, CA.

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Gabby and Roy in Confederate Army uniforms




Roy on Trigger (uncreditied)




Gabby and Roy in their civilian outfits. Gabby's hat isn't as beat-up as in later movies




Sergeant in Union Army (Jack Ingram) and Colonel Denby (Wade Boteler)




Ellen Denby (Mary Hart aka Lynn Roberts) in one of many outfits




Colonel Denby (Wade Boteler) in front of Jauregui ranch house




Sergeant in renegade Union Army (Tom London)




Rancher Jim Crawford (Lane Chandler)




Doctor (Fred Burns)






Jauregui ranch #1




Jauregui ranch #2




Jauregui ranch #3




Jauregui ranch #4




Jauregui ranch #5




Jauregui ranch #6




Jauregui ranch #7




Jauregui ranch #8




Rancher's house #1




Rancher's house #2




Rancher's house #3








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