Sunset on the Desert

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Year: April, 1942
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Lynne Carver
  Bob Nolan
  Pat Brady
  The Sons of the Pioneers
Highlights: Gabby's not in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby 'throws' his shots.
Overall rating: Run-of-the-mill


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "Dagnabit, it's just like sticking your head in a noose, Roy."


  Gabby: "Durn persnickety female."


  Gabby: "Ordinary women is bad enough, but that one's plumb dynamite."


  Gabby: "Well, of all the ding-busted luck."
    "Lettin' a women beat me to the draw."


  Gabby: "Careful there, Mister."
    "I'm a regular wildcat when I get riled."


  Gabby: "Justice ain't only blind in this town, it's deaf, too."

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