Sunset Serenade

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September, 1942
Roy Rogers
Helen Parrish
Sons of the Pioneers with Pat Brady
Gabby's in his characteristic garb with his characteristic gait.
Good chemistry with Pat Brady.
Gabby sings.
Gabby has lots of screen time.
Overall rating:
Above average



Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "No victualmons (vitamins)."


    (Gabby sings "Mavoureen O'Shea" #1)


    (Gabby sings "Mavoureen O'Shea" #2)


    (Gabby remarks about a fight he'd been in)
  Gabby: "Thank heaven for them victuals, Miss Clark."
    "You don't know what a strain it is fighting eleven men on an empty stomach."
    "Excuse me, I'm a little faint."
    "You don't mind if I help myself."
    "Boy, what a fight I put up."
    "You ought a been there, Miss Clark"
    "I must have been every place at once."
    "A dartin' and a grapplin'."
    "I was quicker than a range ferret."
    "And that finish...tooh, it was glory."


    (Gabby remarks after being bitten in a fight.)
  Gabby: "Glory be, I'm fanged."

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