Under Nevada Skies

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Year: August, 1946
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Bob Nolan and The Sons of the Pioneers with Pat Brady
Highlights: Gabby's not in his characteristic duds.
  Gabby plays it fairly straight as a sheriff/clock repairer.
  Little comedy.
  However, in one scene, Gabby pretends he's drunk.
  Yakima Canutt is 2nd Unit Director, so there's lots of action.
Indian village: Corriganville?
Town: Corriganville?
Crook's ranch:: Has pillars with round piece on the top.
Tom's ranch: ??
Overall rating: Poor
Plot: Roy plays himself, while Dale is a singer who's come back home in need of a job.
  Gabby multi-tasks as a clock repairer and sheriff.
  Tom, the owner of the local bar, offers Dale a job.
  Tom, feeling impending doom because of his sordid past, makes Roy the executor of his estate.
  Some criminals from Tom's past arrive looking for a crest with a map to a valuable pitchblende deposit.
  Roy and Gabby discover Tom who's been killed at his ranch house by one of the bad guys.
  Roy catches Dale as she was snooping around Tom's ranch house at the time of the killing.
  Dale admits that she was there trying to find the crest.
  Apparently, Tom had stolen it from Dale's dad.
  Before his death, her dad indicated that she should retrieve the crest and turn it into the government due
  to the mineral deposit being in the national interest.
  One of the crooks buys the adjoining ranch and expresses interest in buying Tom's ranch.
  Roy devises a plan wherein Gabby pretends to be drunk at the bar.
  Gabby brags about how Roy and he found the crest and that Roy will be taking it to Silver City in the
  morning, in hopes of baiting a trap for the bad guys.
  Next morning, one of the henchmen is shot by another one, as he draws a bead on Roy, but dies before
  he can be questioned by Roy.
  Roy and Gabby stake out Tom's ranch house but are caught by the bad guys just as they discover the
  crest's location.
  Roy and Gabby are subdued by the crooks and brought to the crook's ranch for questioning.
  The crooks realize that the crest is in a clock at Tom's and send one of their own to retrieve it.
  Gabby and Roy escape from the crooks and Roy goes after the one that went to Tom's ranch.
  Roy discovers the dead body of the crook.
  While at the ranch, Roy receives a call from Dale who is promptly overpowered by the outlaws.
  Roy goes to the bar
  Roy gets hit on the head by two outlaws and is shot by the outlaws who then escape.
  Roy gives chase, enlisting the aid of some Indians friends.
  There's a big shootout between the outlaws and the Indians.
  Roy out flanks and then overpowers the outlaws.


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "Exactly what I was thinking, only I didn't  want to say nuthin'."


  Gabby: "Yeah. Couldn't have done much better myself."


    (Gabby remarks after being introduced  to a Frenchman)
  Gabby: "He's from out of town."

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