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Year: March, 1945
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Dale Evans
  Sons of the Pioneers
Highlights: Gabby's in his characteristic garb.
  Gabby does a lot of double-takes.
  Gabby has lots of screen time.
  Gabby works well with one of the ladies who plays the 'straight man'.
  Lots of action with Gabby ridin' and fightin'.
Overall rating: Excellent




Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Gabby: "Females."


  Gabby: "There ain't nobody gonna run no sheep around here, as long as I got a
    trigger finger.


  Gabby: "Sheep on our range, sure-as-shootin'."


  Gabby: "Convince a female!"
    "There ain't nobody livin' can tell 'em nothin'."
    "Next to a sheep, they're the dumbest critters on earth."


    (Gabby remarks to a bad guy)
  Gabby: "Get up otta' there ya' young whippersnapper."
    "Get up."


  Gabby: "No female's capable of thinking for herself."


    (Gabby remarks about his decorated house)
  Gabby: "Flowers. Flowers is for funerals not for a house."
    "And look at the petticoats on them winders."
    "This here's a ranch, taint no lady's boudoirary ."
    "Where's my Sunday overalls?"
    "They couldn't have walked away."
  Lady: ""I'm not so sure about that."
  Gabby:  "If you wasn't a female and was closer to my age."
   Lady:  "Nobody could be that close and live."
   Gabby:  "Quiet, Grandma."


  Gabby: "You otta' put your cards on the table."
    "Spank her."
    "Send her back where she come from."
    "Females. Peth"


  Roy: "Where are the girls."
  Gabby: "Gone...skipped out...vamoosed, bag and baggage."


  Gabby: "Drop that gun, you walleyed polecat."





  Gabby telling Roy about his trigger finger.
  Shug with some important news for Gabby, Roy and the Sons of the Pioneers.
  Gabby with an important letter for Roy and the Sons.
  Dale giving Gabby's beard a tug.
  "Dag nab it!" That's not Gabby ridin' in front....That's Gabby's stunt double!

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