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Year: August, 1939
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Raymond Hatton as Chuckwalla
      FYI: A chuckwalla is a lizard that lives in Mexico &  the southwestern part of the US.
Co-starring: Jack Ingram as McDermott
  George Chessbo as one of the bad guys
  Fred Burns as the Sheriff
Locations: Red Rock Canyon is shown at 5:00
  Indianhead and Eagle Beak Rocks can be seen at 10:30
  Nyoka Cliff at Iverson Movie Ranch and Stoney Point can be seen at 49:20
  There's a ranch in the movie but I don't know where it's located (Placerita Canyon?)
Highlights: Gabby accompanies Roy singing "Ride 'Em Cowboy"
  Gabby does some dancing when the three cowboys are in jail at 35:00
Overall rating: Excellent.
  Gabby at his best when playing off Raymond.
Plot: Gabby, Chuckwalla (with his mule Dinah) and Roy are cowboys on Roy's Circle R ranch.
  The three cowboys meet financier Mr. Hammond, his daughter (Peggy) and a business associate (Tony) when the
  three cowboys are moving a herd of cattle along a road.
  However, neither group of people knows the identity of the people in the other group
  Mr. Hammond was a friend and business associate of Roy's dad.
  Mr. Hammond, Peggy & Tony are out west where they'd picked up Wild Fire, a race horse.
  The three mounted cowboys have a heated argument with the three people in their car over the right of way.
  Later, Roy is attacked by riders while riding Trigger to the bank with the check from the sale of his cattle.
  Roy thinks that the riders were out to rob him.
  Actually, the riders (head henchman is a Mr. Niles) were driving him off to prevent him from discovering that they
  were surveying/propsecting on Roy's ranch.
  Gabby and Chuckwalla arrive just in time to assist Roy in running off the bad guys.
  Roy finds a piece of equipment dropped by one of the riders.
  Gabby shows Roy and Chuckwalla a piece of gold ore that he said he'd found in a mine on Roy's ranch.
  Taking the gold sample with them, the three mounted cowboys catch a moving train to go to New York City to meet
  Mr. Hammond for the purpose of obtaining a loan.
  Unfortunately, they cause much distress for Mr. Hammond as they jump from their speeding horses onto
  Mr. Hammond's personal train car.
  Roy realizes who Mr. Hammond is when he presents himself at Mr. Hammond's residence.
  Peggy befriends Roy and sends the ore sample out to be tested.
  Tony enlists the aid of a hoodlum and his gang to keep Roy from doing business with Mr. Hammond.
  Wild Fire is going to be in a steeple chase.
  To gain favor with Mr. Hammond by having Roy ride and win with Wild Fire, Gabby and Chuckwalla disable
  Wild Fire's jockey so that Roy can ride Wild Fire.
  As the trainer is saddling Wild Fire, several of the hoodlums knock out the trainer and try unsuccessfully to cut the cinch.
  After speaking with the trainer, Gabby and Chuckwalla decide to try to catch and warn Roy, who's already in the
  race riding Wild Fire.
  Wild Fire wins, but is disqualified due to the antics of Gabby and Chuckwalla.
  Peggy has the three cowboys meet her at a local night club, which gives an excuse for Louisiana Lou and Roy to each
  each sing a song.
  The three cowboys go the supposed location of the ore on Roy's ranch, where they're attacked by the bad guys.
  At the same time, Mr. Hammond and Peggy are kidnapped by other bad guys.
  Roy and Trigger subdue Mr. Niles as he tries to excape in an automobile.
  In the final big shootout; Roy, Gabby and Chuckwalla save Mr. Hammond and Peggy.
  Mr. Hammond pays off Mr. Niles' loan.


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“Dern city folks."


"Always in a hurry, goin' noplace.”

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    (After Gabby throws away the automobile keys of some city folks.)  

“I been wantin' to do that ever since I seen my first automobile.”

  Raymond: “There otta be a law agin them contraptions.”
  Gabby: "Yeah."
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    Gabby and Roy sing "Ride 'em Cowboy"
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Ah, shut your head you walleyed, bowlegged runt.”

  Raymond: “Who's bowlegged?”
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    (Gabby chasing his strayed horse.)

“Come on back here you lop-eared jackrabbit.”

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“Some of these days, Mister, you're gonna go too fer.”


“You been sayin' that for the last 30 years.”


“Yeah, maybe I have. But you ain't gone  fer enough yet.”

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“Ya know, Chuck.  I recommembered a time Roy Rogers  jumped a wild mustang


over a haywagon, then turned around and jumped him back just to show  the horse

    who's boss.”
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  Gabby: Chuckwalla, there's skullduggery goin' on here.”




    (After finding out from Roy that Roy was the president  of a  molybdenum mine.)  
  Raymond: "“Moly..ah. What did he say?”
  Gabby: “He said ah…ah molidima…ma.”

“Oh, don't show your ignorance by asking so dern  many fool questions.

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  Gabby: “Well, don't do your thinking out loud.”
    "Ya..you make me nervous.”
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  Gabby: “I been lying."
    "There ain't no mine."
  Raymond: "What?"
  Gabby: "No sir."
    "I'm skippin' the country."
    "I'm goin' to South Amerikee."
    "Yes sir.....Bonus Airs, maybe."
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