Young Bill Hickok

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Year: October, 1940
Starring: Roy Rogers
  Jacqueline Wells
  Sally Payne
Highlights: Gabby and Sally sing 
  "Rollin' Up and Down the Prairie"
Overall rating: Excellent


Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

  Cowboy: "Have you seen Bill Hickok.."
  Gabby: "No, and what's more you ain't gonna see him nuther."
    "They've abscounded, eloped, departed and left for parts unknown." 


  Roy: "Say, this is a lot of money Mr. Waddell."
  Waddell: "Well, it's not much for what you've done."
  Gabby: "Jumpin' Jehosofat, a million dollars."
  Sally: "Two thousand, Uncle Gabby."
  Gabby: "Oh, what's the difference."
    "When figures has more than two goose eggs behind them it's all the same to folks
    llike us."


  Gabby: "This here be the first high-class entertainment seen in these parts since them
    actor folks put on Shakespeare's omelet."


  Gabby: "Darn funny that folks can't get hitched without having a lot of ribbons hanging all
    over the place."
  Sally: "Ahhh...these are festoons to set-off the bride."

" it as not, Bill strangle hisself on 'em before they get to the 'I dos'."



    Gabby and Sally sing
    "Rollin' Up and Down the Prairie"


    (Gabby remarks about the bad guys)
  Gabby: "Well of all the dirty, thieving, murdering, yellow-livered, sons-a-Satan."


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