Young Buffalo Bill

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Year: April, 1940
Starring: Gabby as Gabby Whittaker, Roy's sidekick & bugler in Colonel Calhoun's old regiment
  Roy Rogers (atop uncredited Trigger) as Buffalo Bill Cody
  Pauline Moore as Tonia Regas, daughter of Don Regas
  Hugh Sothern as as Don Regas
  Chief Thundercloud as medicine man/chief, Akuna
  Julian Rivero as Pancho, a hand on Don Regas' ranch
  Trevor Bardette as Emelio Montez, foreman on Don Regas' ranch
  Gaylord Pendleton as Jerry Calhoun, son of Colonel Calhoun
  Wade Boteler as Colonel Calhoun
  Anna Demetrio as Elena, Don Regas' cook
  Estelita Zarco as Dolores, a saloon girl
Co-starring: Fred Burns has a bit part as the stage coach driver
  Iron Eyes Cody has a bit part as one of Akuna's braves
Locations: Tonia's 'runaway' team and wagon travel on the Stagecoach Road at the base of Nyoka Cliff
  on Iverson Movie Ranch.
  The Lone Ranger Rock can be seen in the background as Gabby and Roy chase the wagon.
  Don Regas' horses are hidden at Red Rock Canyon.
  Gabby, Roy & Jerry ride through Red Rock Canyon when on the land survey, where they are attacked
  by Akuna and his braves.
  Lots of screen time of Vasquez Rocks as the Don takes the stage to Washington.
Highlights: Gabby sings "Rollin' Down to Sante Fe" with Roy.
  Gabby is in characteristic garb.
  Gabby has lots of screen time.
  Good sequences of Gabby doing his characteristic gait.
  Gabby does his signature double-handed uppercut.
Overall rating: Excellent.
  One of my favorite movies.
Plot: Gabby Whittaker and Buffalo Bill Cody (Roy) have come to Sante Fe, New Mexico to join
  Colonel Calhoun's (Wade Boteler) calvary for re-surveying the Spanish land grants..
  Roy and Gabby meet Tonia Regas (Pauline Moore) on the trail when Roy stops Tonia's buggy horses
  that he, mistakenly, thinks are a runaway team.
  Tonia is the daughter of Don Regas, the owner of one of the biggest ranchos in the area.
  Colonel Calhoun's surveyor son, Jerry, is coming from out East and Colonel Calhoun wants Gabby
  and Roy to assist Jerry in the surveying.
  Colonel Calhoun's and Don Regas' main worry is the raiding being done by renegade Commanche
  Chief, Akuna (Chief Thundercloud).
  Also, Don Regas considers the land survey to be an insult.
  Montez, Akuna's bad-guy stepbrother, works for Don Regas and has 'hidden' the Don's horses to
  prevent their being stolen by Akuna
  Montez kills the two vaqueros guarding the horses which allows Akuna to steal them.
  Because he is chief, Akuna knows the location of the secret indian gold mine, which is in the Regas grant.
  Roy pursuades Tonia and Don Regas that the survey is only a formality and tells Montez that the
  survey can proceed.
  Montez talks saloon girl Dolores into getting Jerry to gamble himself deep into debt to Montez.
  Montez indicates that he will forgive the entire debt if Jerry will indicate that the northern section
  of the Regas land grant (where the secret mine is located) isn't valid and is free land.
  Gabby and Buffalo Bill deliver the bad news to Don Regas, who decides to go to Washington, (via
  stagecoach) taking with him the original land grant, to present his case.
  Jerry tells Montez that his falsified survey won't standup to scrutiny.
  Montez insinuates that he will kill the Don to prevent him from reaching Washington.
  Jerry tells Montez that he won't go along with killing the Don.
  Montez wounds Jerry with a knife and takes him to Akuna's hideaway for safekeeping.
  Gabby and Roy search the Colonel's office, where they determine that Montez filed claim on the
  norther section.
  Gabby and Bill, realizing that Don Regas' life is in danger, follow the Don's stagecoach.
  The Don's stagecoach is attacked by Akuna resulting in the Don being wounded.
  Akuna robs the Don of his money belt, but, not realizing that the Don's 'neckerchief' is the original
  land grant, doesn't find the land grant that he's wanting.
  After driving off Akuna and his braves, Gabby and Bill tend to the Don's wounds.
  Not realizing what he's using for a bandage, Gabby binds his wound with the Don's 'neckerchief'.
  After taking Don Regas back to his hacienda, Gabby and Bill keep surveillance on the rancho.
  Gabby and Bill observe Montez sneaking around the hacienda.
  Bill enters the house where he and Tonia find Montez.
  After a near miss from Montez's thrown knife, Bill and Gabby pursue Montez to Akuna's camp.
  Having been found out, Montez, Akuna and Akuna's braves prepare to attack the Don's rancho.
  Gabby and Bill, seeing Jerry's saddle at Akuna's hideout, battle their way into the room where Jerry
  is being held.
  Akuna, Montez and some of Akuna's braves leave Akuna's hideout to attack the Don's rancho while
  the rest of Akuna's braves keep Gabby, Bill and Jerry hold-up at Akuna's hideout.
  Gabby discovers a bugle among the battle souvenoirs in Akuna's hideout.
  Gabby, having been a bugler in Colonel Calhoun's old regiment, sounds the charge.
  This, of course, causes the indians to immediately ride away.
  Bill and Jerry ride to the hacienda while Gabby rides to town to get the Colonel and his troops.
  Roy enters the hacienda and stops Montez at the last second from shooting Don Regas.
  Gabby and the troops arrive just in time to drive off Akuna's braves.
  Don Regas realizes that Gabby's bandage is, in fact, the original land grant.
  All ends well as Bill stops Jerry from confessing that he'd falsified the survey report.
  Instead, the error in the survey is explained as a problem with the 'numbers'.



Click Gabby's image to hear the sound bite.

    Gabby and Roy sing 'Rollin' Down to Santa Fe'


  Gabby: "We got some special business with the Colonel."
  Soldier: "What kind of business?"
  Gabby: "That's my business, you bow-legged potato bug."
  Soldier: ""Colonel Calhoun's busy."
  Gabby: "There you are, I never know'd it to fail."
    "Put a uniform on a clod-hoppin', mule skinner, he thinks it gives him the right to
     sass his betters."
    "Young feller, I was fightin' injuns when you was wearing three-cornered pants."


  Gabby: "We can't wait for no saw-bones."
    "I'll take care of him....done it before."
    "Get me some hot water....lots of it."


  Gabby: "If that shoulder stiffs up on him don't come around ballerin' to me."
    "I was ready and willin' to fix it."
  Elena: "Get out of here you old goat."
  Gabby: "Goat! I never was so insulted in all my life."


  Gabby: "You know, that reminds me of the time I captured fifty Indians all by myself,
  Cowboy: "You did?"
  Gabby: "Yeah."
  Cowboy: "How'd you do this?"
  Gabby: "Simple enough....I surrounded 'em."


  Gabby: "Akuna and his Comanches jumped the stage out at Painted Rock."
    "Killed the whole kit and caboodle."


  Gabby: "You don't think much of these Comanches, do you?"
    "You see them trophies?"
    "Each one of them means that some poor devil had the same low opinion of an
    injun's shootin' eye."




  Gabby Whitaker


  Buffalo Bill Cody



  Tonia Regas


  Don Regas






  Emelio Montez


  Jerry Calhoun


  Colonel Joseph Calhoun






  Trigger (Uncredited)


  Fred Burns (stage driver) on the left and Hank Bell (riding shotgun) on the right (both uncredited)



  Vasquez Rocks at Aqua Dulce, CA


  Lone Ranger Rock I on Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, CA


  Lone Ranger Rock II on Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, CA


  Akuna's encampment (on Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, CA???)



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