Summary of Film Career in Roy Rogers Movies

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George Hayes' movie acting career spanned 21 years (1929-1950).

George made a total of 41 movies (in an eight year span) in which Roy Rogers was the star.

All of these movies were Republic Pictures releases.

George's first movie in which Roy Rogers was the star was Southward Ho! (1939).

George was born in 1885, which made him 54 when he made his first movie with Roy.

His last movie with Roy was Heldorado (1946) at which time George was 61.

The number of movies made in a given year with Roy as the star is as follows:

Year        Number of movies

1939                6

1940                6

1941                7

1942                8

1943                0

1944                1

1945                6

1946                7

Although George only made one movie with Roy in 1943-1944, he was still acting in B westerns, making 10 movies

with Wild Bill Elliott (Republic Pictures), two with John Wayne (RKO Radio Pictures) and one with

Hap Selby/Richard Arlen/Robert Livingston (Republic Pictures).

See plot below.

Just prior to coming to Republic Pictures, George worked with William Boyd at Paramount making

several 'Hopalong Cassidy' movies. George's character in most of those pictures was 'Windy Halliday'. 

The comic relief in Roy's movies, just prior to George's arrival, was being provided, at first, by Smiley Burnette and

then by Raymond Hatton.

After George's final movie with Roy, Andy Devine (as Cookie Bullfincher) initially took over these duties.

After 1946, George made only a few movies per year.

These were mainly with Randolph Scott.

Gabby's last movie was The Cariboo Trail (1950) with Randolph Scott.

In the early and middle 1950s Gabby had his own TV program.

This graph shows that the total number of George's movies where Roy Rogers was the star is relatively small 

compared to the total number of movies that George appeared in.


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