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Introductory & sign-off music

  Frames of video from introduction to the show Gabby riding at full gallop


  Animated GIF of Gabby riding at full gallop  




Gabby's introduction



Frames from video of Gabby telling his 'Mosquitos' yarn. Loops 3 times.




Gabby's sign-off remarks


  Frame of video from the sign off of the show Gabby riding at full gallop


  Response to fan mail in 1952  




Yarns from the show

"Hey, Buckeroo", listen to Gabby spin yarns (as he whittles at the Double Bar M) about

an 'old uncle' or 'old aunt' of his.


Old Aunts

Calamity Jane Hayes Clothesline Hayes
Dollhouse Hayes Hemstitch Hayes
Hostess Hayes Morning Glory Hayes
Petunia Hayes Spic & Span Hayes


Old Uncles

Accordian Player Hayes Barrel of Fun Hayes
Beanpole Hayes Bigwheel Hayes
Biscuit Maker Hayes Bow & Arrow Hayes
Bull's Eye Hayes Bullwhip Hayes
Chuck Wagon Hayes Close Shave Hayes
Cobbler Hayes Cookie Hayes
Deadeye Hayes (Gabby sings) Deadshot Hayes
Double Check Hayes Dynamite Hayes
Fearless Frank Hayes Fire Chief Hayes
Firecracker Hayes Flying Tiger Hayes
Gold Ring Hayes Golden Boy Hayes
Green Thumb Hayes Half Sole Hayes
Halfback Hayes

Happy Hayes

Hide Away Hayes Horse Blanket Hayes
Huck & Buck Hayes Hunter Hayes
Iceberg Hayes Jack Knife Hayes
Jack Rabbit Hayes Jockey Hayes
Juggler Hayes Jumping Jack Hayes
Lariat Hayes Lasso Hayes
Laughing Boy Hayes Lightning Hayes
Lion Hearted Hayes Locomotive Hayes
Longhorn Hayes Magic Hayes
Mixed-Up Hayes Mountain Goat Hayes
Muscles Hayes Pen & Ink Hayes
Persnickety Hayes Pickax Hayes
Plumber Hayes Pots & Pans Hayes
Professor Hayes Pussyfoot Hayes
Quartet Hayes (Gabby sings) Reading & Writing Hayes

Red Head Hayes

Reminder Hayes
Rod & Reel Hayes Sailfish Hayes
Salt & Pepper Hayes Silver Skate Hayes
Six Gun Hayes Sparkle Hayes
Speedy Hayes Stable Boy Hayes
Storybook Hayes Strongbox Hayes
Sure Shot Hayes Swan Dive Hayes
Sweet Tooth Hayes Tattoo Hayes
Telescope Hayes Tiny Tim Hayes
Tippy Canoe Hayes TNT Hayes
Twinkle Toes Hayes Wagon Train Hayes
Watch Maker Hayes Watercolor Hayes
Weeping Willy Hayes Whistling Willy Hayes
Woodsman Hayes  



Grand Pappy Hayes

Grand Pappy Hayes #1 Grand Pappy Hayes #2




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