Iverson Movie Ranch (southern part)


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Iverson Movie Ranch is located in Chatsworth.

The southern part of Iverson Movie Ranch is bounded by the Simi Valley Freeway (Highway 118) on the

north, Santa Susanna Pass Road on the south, Iverson Road on the west and Topanga Canyon Boulevard

on the east.

Red Mesa Road starts at Santa Susanna Pass Road and goes north to a group of condominiums.

Red Mesa Road, essentially, bisects the southern part of the ranch.


The following sequence of photos start at Red Mesa Road at a point almost to where the condominiums are located.

The first five photos were taken on the east side of Red Mesa Road.

It is here where 'The Lone Ranger Rock' and 'Nyoka Cliff' are located.

The remaining photos were taken on the west side.

It is here where 'The Garden of the Gods' is located.

We didn't find the archway formation.....next time.


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'The Lone Ranger Rock' from Red Mesa Road looking east.
Close-up of 'The Lone Ranger Rock'.
Another angle of 'The Lone Ranger Rock'.
'Nyoka Cliff' which is south of 'The Lone Ranger Rock'.
Panning to the left from the previous photo.
Looking across Red Mesa Road towards the west. The path up the hill is around the large rock.
Panning to the left of the previous photo.
Panning further to the left.
Panning further to the left, looking down Red Mesa Road. Railroad tracks in the distance.
Close-up of the railroad tracks. Intersection of Red Mesa Road and Santa Susanna Pass Road, too.

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The path up the hill is on the backside of this rock.
Looking up the path that leads to 'The Garden of the Gods'
Further up the path.
Still further up the path.
Looking south at Chatsworth, intersection of Red Mesa Road/Santa Susanna Pass Road and tracks.
Looking back down the patch, toward the east where 'The Lone Ranger Rock' can be seen.
Close-up looking back down the path.
Looking back down the path from a point further up the path.

The next group of photos were taken in 'The Garden of the Gods'.

These rocks are at the Apache Wells relay station in 'Stagecoach' with John Wayne.

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Close-up of the larger rock in the previous photo.

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'The Lone Ranger Rock' is in the center of the photo. Camera mount in the ground.
Close-up of 'The Lone Ranger Rock'.
'Nyoka Cliff' from the same overlook as previous photos.
Climbed around in the rocks to get the next few photos.
Looking south towards Chatsworth.
Looks to be a movie road.

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Another photo of the trail back to Red Mesa Road.
'The Lone Ranger Rock' again.
Heading back down the path to Red Mesa Road.



Scenes from movies

Apache Wells relay station in 'Stagecoach' with John Wayne.













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