Roy Rogers Ranch House in Chatsworth


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This is the house where Roy Rogers and family lived in the 50's.

It's located, appropriately, on 'Trigger Street', just a short distance from 'Dale Court' and has

'Trigger Place' intersecting it.

All three of these streets are located on the former Roy Rogers ranch.




Kevin Spacey grew-up on 'Trigger Street' and named his production company 'Trigger Street Productions'

and his website, ''.



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Looking west from 'Trigger Place' at the hill to the north of the ranch house.
Looking a little toward the south. The observation deck & white fence can be seen.
Close-up of the observation deck.
Close-up of the hill to the north of the ranch house.
Looking further north.
The white fence in surrounding the ranch house.
The white fence and driveway gate.
The driveway gate and part of the ranch house.
Another shot of the driveway gate and ranch house.
Same from a slightly different angle.
Looking north on 'Trigger Street'. The driveway gate is on the left.

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