Gabby Hayes Ranch


East Jewett   New York   Tannersville 295W


Thank you so kindly for your interest in the Gabby Hayes Ranch Camp. In response, we are

happy to send you some details of the more outstanding features of the Ranch, so that you may

realize more fully what a glorious summer can lie ahead for your child.


Gabby Hayes needs no introduction, for he is well known to young and old folks alike through

the mediums of his Western movies and his TV shows on NBC daily. The cheerfulness of his

happy smile is symbolic of the all-around friendliness of the Ranch; and in the instruction and

counsel which the boys and girls will have, Gabby Hayes will stress the importance of character

building, health and self reliance. Life in the Ranch surroundings and atmosphere will present

innumerable opportunities for developing these qualities.


Instruction in the crafts of outdoor life and riding is imparted in such a way that there is no feeling

of schooling, and every activity is supervised by people expert in their own field. So it can be seen

that there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in store for all the youngsters.


Riding is naturally a highlight at the Gabby Hayes Ranch, and the Wranglers will see to it that the

boys and girls learn to ride and handle horses in the right way. Instruction for the beginners will be

given under close supervision in the arena, and confidence in this fine sport will be gained through

knowledge of the horse and its equipment. Once the children have “Earned their spurs”, there will

be trail trips over the ranch-all 2000 acres of it. In time too, there will be overnight Chuck Wagon

trips into the hill country, where-after a fine meal-the buckaroos and cowgirls, as the case may be,

will gather around the camp fire and tell “tall tales” and have community singing. From this some

mighty fine and lasting friendships will grow.


In addition to the Western riding program, and since this is a combination children’s ranch and

camp, a diversified program of camping activities will be included in the summer program.

These activities will include water safety and instruction in swimming with all Red Cross tests,

archery, nature study, hiking, fishing, arts and crafts, dramatics, music, photography, square and

modern dancing, Indian lore, and overnight trips. We are also planning to have boating and



Our entire Ranch program and staff of College educated Counsellors will be directed by our very

competent Director Mr. Yale Newman and Mr. Laurence Lewis who have a very broad

background of experience in this capacity. Mrs. Laurence Lewis, better know to the children as

Mrs. Betsy, will be the Camp Mother and will watch over the children for their every day care

and need.


Physical wellbeing will be cared for by a Doctor and Registered Nurse who will be in attendance

at all times at the Camp Infirmary. The food served is the very best, all planned by an expert

dietitian. Our chef makes sure that there is more than enough to satisfy growing appetites.

We know that parents will be interested in their children’s activities, and for those who wish to

visit, excellent accommodations are available on the Ranch grounds. Visits will be scheduled for

the parents by the Camp Director as accommodations are limited.


As we often sit around the fire reminiscing, we think happily of the children who were

our “saddle partners” last season, and what great little camper they were. They made many

friends and had really a wonderful experience while they rode the trails with Gabby Hayes. Your

child too can have such a wonderful time, if you will give him or her the chance. It is our

intention that we shall be able to take a few more campers in 1953, but it is our firm resolve that

the number will continue to be limited, so that we can have that close and personal relationship

which is so desirable to the children. So we earnestly ask you therefore to consider the 1953

season now, and suggest you send us your deposit early to  assure an reservation with our

Camp-a camp altogether unique in the East and one with which you will be proud to be associated.


The Camp Season will be for the eight weeks starting July 7th and ending Sept 1st 1953, the

all-inclusive fee for the full season being $575.00. For other periods as part of the season, please

see the reverse side of the Enrollment Form for the appropriate fees. Also there, is detailed a plan

for payments of the fee by installments, should you wish that form of payment. The enclosed

folder and specimen program will give you some idea of the activities, feeding and

general “high-heeled” time at the Gabby Hayes Ranch, but should have any further questions to

ask after have read this, please do not hesitate to write us and we shall explain more fully to you.


                                                            Cordially yours,

                                                                        Gabby Hayes Ranch


                                                                        By Victor R. Van (Manager)