All the activities listed below will be, at all times, under the supervision of the College Boy Counselors (for the boys)

and the College Girl Counselors (for the girls); The Wranglers and Cowboys; Red Cross instructor and Registered Life Guard;

and of course the Chef and Staff of the kitchen.

            The Director will supervise generally, and the Camp Mother with the Doctor and Registered Nurse will be on hand

at all times to ensure that the children are clothed and tended as you would wish.     

  7.30 am Reveille-Rise and Shine
  8.30 am Breakfast
  8.45 am Bunk Duties
  9.00 am Instruction in Saddling and Feeding Horses
  9.15 am Group Riding with one Cowboy to each five children
  11.15 am Return to Corral
  11.30 am Swimming, Water Safety, Red Cross Instruction
  12.15 pm Lunch
  1.15 pm Rest Period-Bunk Inspection
  1.30 pm Afternoon Activities-Riding, Crafts, Rope Spinning, Nature
  1.45 pm Riders mount up for trail trip with Wranglers and Cowboys
  3.45 pm Riders return and assist Cowboys in feeding horses
  4.15 pm Swimming, Water Safety, Red Cross Instruction, Ball Games
  5.15 pm Rest Period and Clean up for Dinner
  5.45 pm Dinner
  6.30 pm Free period under supervision-Fishing, Baseball, Ping Pong, Volley Ball,
      Archery, Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Handball, Newspaper Work, etc.
  8.00 pm Council Fire, Motion Pictures, Quiz Program, Dramatics, Music and Dancing.
  9.10 pm Milk-Prepare for Bed
  9.30 pm Taps-Lights out


  Breakfast of : Fresh Fruit Juice, Hot or Cold Cereal, Eggs and Wheat Cakes, Hot Biscuits and Cocoa
  Lunch of : Soups or Juices, Roast Beef, Pot Roast, Roast Chicken, Steaks, Lamb or
      Veal, Fresh Vegetables, Milk, Cake, Pie or Pudding.
  Dinner : Equally delicious and tempting foods.


  Sunday : Religious Services for all denominations, off the camp premises, for
      those desiring to attend.
      Nature Exploration, Watch Rodeo Show given by Staff,
      Evening: Movies, Westerns, Adventure, Mystery, Cartoons,
  Monday : All-Day Chuck Wagon Party with all the Cowboys and Counselors.
      Evening: Care of Riding Tack, Saddles and Bridles
  Tuesday : Evening: Camp Fire, Marshmallow Roast, Outdoor Indian Games,
  Wednesday : Evening: Movies, Square and Modern Dancing
  Thursday : Evening: Weinie Roast
  Friday : Special Clean-up for the weekend, Prepare Laundry
  Saturday : Fishing, Roping Contest with Cowboys, Leathercraft and Indian Lore.
      Evening: Square and Modern Dancing.