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GabbyismsSound clips of some of Gabby's popular expressions, ya young whippersnapper.


Movie clips Movie clips without audio.


Gabby in the movies

Filmography of westerns

Movie numbers These are the numbers in the movie stills that identify the movie.

Summary of film career with Roy Rogers

Review of movies starring Roy Rogers (1939-42)

Review of movies starring Roy Rogers (1944-46)

Assortment of audio clips from movies


Gabby on TV



TV schedule from December 20, 1952

TV Schedule from October 5, 1951



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Gabby's summer camp ranch

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Magazine photo #4

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Movie making locations Photos of locations in CA

Roy Rogers ranch in Chatsworth, CA


Interview about "El Paso"

Cowboy Hero Photos

Gabby's stunt double at Republic

Obituary #1

Obituary #2

Grave site


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